Entering the Forest

Monday, December 05, 2005

Tech Reflections

I have been quite busy today, catching up from all that was left behind while I attended the technology conference and rode the Polar Express with second grade on Friday. But, my mind has been pondering all the ideas that were generated during the conference, into the nights, and on the ride home. I really think we can develop a technology staff development plan that will include time for collaboration within grade level teams with Dawn taking an active role in planning and implementation. One of the first things will be getting members added to a blog that will facilitate dialogue among the teachers.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Attending NCETC

I attended NCETC annually during the 1990s. I remember being the only one from my district who attended and I only had access to one computer at my school, so many things I learned were way over my head in the beginning. But...I'd head home with dreams of what could be, knowing a little more technology than before. Each year, I would come a little more equipped and left knowing what I could do with what we had at home. Now integration of technology is the norm in Transylvania County with a technology support team that keeps us well-equipped and connected to the world. Now I'm back at NCETC getting updated on the latest in technology for the classroom. Blogging is new for me, but one hour in David Warlick's session has me ready to give it a try.